Buddy Adventure

By Shadow Buddies

Published January 26, 2016

Step 1

Make a travel checklist of things you need to pack for traveling on your adventure or having a sleepover at a friend’s. If you create your list on a computer with your parent, you’ll be able to print it off multiple times!



Step 2

Take a sheet of paper and draw a map of your adventure with your pencil or crayons.



Step 3

Now make your checklist with your buddy and pretend your Buddy is going to go on a trip. You’ll want to pack a bag for your buddy, be creative about where you’re going and make sure you’re bringing everything you need!



Step 4

After your bag has been packed, talk over with your Buddy about the different ways to care for themselves and make sure they’re prepared for their trip!



Step 5

Pretend your Buddy has been gone for a few days now, and has just returned from their trip. Find out what adventures they had and ask them all about it and unpack their bags until the next adventure!